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Lesson 12: Exploring Food Habits

Lesson 12: Exploring Food Habits


Students will experience the full Data Cycle, and for the first time will do so with data they have collected. They will use the Dashboard and PlotApp, tools that are easy to learn. This first time, the teacher will “navigate and steer" so that students can focus on asking questions and interpreting the plots.


  1. Computers

  2. Projector

  3. Food Habits Check-In handout (LMR_1.11_Food Habits Check-In)

  4. Exploring Our Food Habits handout (LMR_1.12_Exploring Our Food Habits)

Essential Concepts:

Essential Concepts:

Once Participatory Sensing data has been collected, the Dashboard and PlotApp perform the analysis step of the Data Cycle, though humans need to tell the computer which plots we wish to examine.

In preparation for this lesson, watch these two videos:

a) Navigating the Dashboard

b) Navigating the Plot App


  1. Ask students to reflect about their experience so far with the Food Habits Participatory Sensing campaign by completing the Food Habits Check-In handout (LMR_1.11).

  2. Demonstrate how to access the IDS Homepage found at

  3. Explain to students that all of the IDS web tools can be accessed through this page.

  4. For this lesson, students will need to observe the teacher using the Campaign Manager, the Dashboard, and the PlotApp.

  5. Click on the Campaign Manager. Explain that selecting any of the web tools on the IDS page without logging in first will redirect them to the login prompt.

  6. Demonstrate how to log in to access the IDS software suite. Inform students that they will use the same login information they have used to collect data on their mobile devices or the browser-based version.

    Inform students that the Campaign Manager is the place where they will access, download, and export their campaign data in subsequent lessons. It also provides shortcuts to the Dashboard and PlotApp. The Campaign Manager allows them to view and learn about the campaigns in which they are participating, and to edit the campaigns they will be creating later in this course. Show them the drop-down menu on the right-hand side, and explain that they will only be concerned with the Responses tab for this lesson. Explain that the Responses tab allows them to view, delete, or share their data, and to view shared data contributed by other users of the campaign.

  7. Distribute the Exploring Our Food Habits handout (LMR_1.12).

  8. Inform students that the teacher will be navigating through the IDS website as the students follow along in the Exploring Our Food Habits handout (LMR_1.12).

  9. Once completed, students should turn in the handout for assessment.

Class Scribes:

One team of students will give a brief talk to discuss what they think the 3 most important topics of the day were.


Students should continue to collect nutritional facts data using the Food Habits Participatory Sensing campaign on their smart devices or via web browser.