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This website was last updated on September 15, 2023.

Changes that have been made to version 6.0

All Units

  • Labs now also have text which direct students to complete tasks within the RStudio/Posit interface in blue font
  • GPS no longer reports precise location
  • There are anonymized datasets available for the Food Habits, Personality Colors, and Time Use (unformatted) Campaigns. They can be acccessed by running the following code:

Unit 1

  • Food Habits and Time Use campaign questions, in the campaign guidelines, have been modified for clarity
  • Lesson 1: LMR_1.1 changed "Facebook" to "TikTok"
  • Lesson 14: updated LMR_1.16 with new data/color palette
  • Lesson 17: updated plots and cleaned up formatting on LMR_118
  • Lab 1B has more clarification on options/arguments
  • Labs 1C and 1F now have embedded videos to help guide students
  • Lab 1D has more explanation about filtering and the assignment operator

Unit 2

Unit 3 - Stress/chill campaing survey questions

Unit 4