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Lesson 16: Exploring Trash Via the Dashboard

Lesson 16: Exploring Trash via the Dashboard


Students will continue to investigate landfills and perform analyses via the IDS public dashboard.


  1. Computers

  2. IDS public dashboard:

Essential Concepts:

Essential Concepts:

Exploring the IDS Dashboard provides a visual approach to data analysis.


  1. Today students will continue their data exploration of the Trash campaign via the IDS public dashboard.

  2. As a team, students should select statistical questions and provide appropriate plots and summaries from the dashboard to answer those questions.

  3. Leave 10-15 minutes at the end of class to share out some of the findings from each student team.

Class Scribes:

One team of students will give a brief talk to discuss what they think the 3 most important topics of the day were.


Students will brainstorm possible RStudio commands to complement their initial analyses from the dashboard. It is up to the teacher to ask for a minimum number of commands from each student.