How to .. Video

Sharing Campaign Responses

How to share campaign responses
A tutorial on sharing campaign responses.

IDS Class Set-up Tool

How to create and manage IDS classes
A tutorial on setting up your IDS classes.

IDS Mobile App

How to download and use the app
A tutorial on using the IDS App.

Accessing RStudio

How to log in to RStudio
A tutorial on loggin in to RStudio.

RStudio Basics

How to navigate RStudio
A tutorial on using RStudio.

LAB 1A Tutorial

How to access and complete Lab 1A
A tutorial on accessing and completing Lab 1A.

Unit 2 Lab Tutorials

Walkthroughs of Unit 2 Labs
Lab tutorials for Unit 2 IDS Labs. Created and shared by Heidi Estevez, IDS Coach, Facilitator, and Teacher.