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Practicum: Let’s Build a Survey!

Practicum: Let’s Build a Survey!


Students will design a non-biased survey.


  1. Practicum: Let’s Build a Survey! (LMR_U3_Practicum_Build a Survey)


Let’s Build a Survey!

Based on what you have learned in Lessons 9 through 14, you will now design a survey. You and your team members must do all of the following:

  1. Select a topic from the list below:

    a. Social Media

    b. Entertainment

    c. Sports

    d. The Environment

    e. Health

    f. Education

    g. Other topic of interest

  2. Create a research question about your topic of interest.

  3. Create a statistical question that is related to the research question.

  4. Identify the population of interest.

  5. Describe how you will select your sample from the population so that you'll be able to make generalizations about your population of interest.

  6. Identify the number of people who will be in your sample.

  7. Create five survey questions that will try to answer your statistical question and describe how you have made sure that they are non-leading questions.

  8. Identify a statistic that can be used to summarize the responses from this survey. Can you identify a parameter?

  9. Submit a typed paper that details the survey you just designed.