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End of Unit 4 Modeling Activity Project and Presentation

End of Unit 4 Modeling Activity Project and Presentation


Students will apply their learning of the third and fourth units of the curriculum by completing an end of unit modeling activity project.


  1. Computers

  2. IDS Unit 4 – Project and Presentation (LMR_U4_Modeling Activity Project)

End of Unit 4 Project and Presentation: Community Issue

At the beginning of this unit, you explored data from the Trash Participatory Sensing campaign as well as from (U.S. drought). You also created a Participatory Sensing campaign to investigate an issue in your community.

For this assignment, you will use the results of your Participatory Sensing campaign, and possibly an official dataset, to apply what you have learned in unit 4 and to answer the research question you chose with your group at the beginning of the unit.

Your assignment is as follows:

  1. Research which government entity is responsible for the community issue that your team chose – it could be local, state, federal, or even an international entity.

  2. Propose one or two recommendations to the government entity in step 1 to help raise public awareness and/or alleviate the issue. Specifically, you will create a presentation in which you answer the following questions:

    1. What is/are the specific recommendation(s) you are proposing to increase public awareness and/or alleviate the issue?

    2. Why do you think this will work? What evidence do you have to support this? Include any necessary plots and analysis.

  3. Your 5-minute presentation comprising 4-5 slides should include:

    1. An introduction - Who are you? Introduce yourself and your team.

    2. The issue - What is the issue? Why is this issue important? Why should we care about it?

    3. The Participatory Sensing campaign - Explain your campaign. What was your research question? What statistical investigative question(s) were you hoping to answer?

    4. Your recommendation - What is you recommendation? How will it raise public awareness and/or alleviate the issue? Why do you think this will work? This is where you include your evidence:

      1. How does your article connect to your recommendation?

      2. How does your Participatory Sensing campaign data support your recommendation? Or how does it show that there is a lack of something needed?

      3. If you have an official dataset, how does it support your recommendation?

      4. Include visualizations, numerical summaries, and/or statistics.

    5. A closing - Summarize your point into a few closing sentences.

Each person must participate in the presentation. In addition to the presentation, submit a 2-4 page, double-spaced summary of your analysis including plots/graphs.