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Practicum: What Stresses Us?

Practicum: What Stresses Us?


Students will use RStudio to make graphical representations or numerical summaries of their Stress/Chill and Personality Color data to answer research questions.


  1. What Stresses Us? Practicum (LMR_U2_Practicum_What Stresses Us)


What Stresses Us?

We made a data set that combined our Stress/Chill data with our Personality Color data. You will use this data to answer the following research questions:

• Do color personalities really predict a person’s personality?

• Do people with different personality colors tend to have different stress levels?

Based on the merged data, you need to:

  1. Write a one-page report to address these research questions. Use the Data Cycle. Your analysis should include both numerical methods (means, medians, etc.) and graphical methods (plots). The research questions are fairly broad, and you should first think of simpler statistical investigative questions you could ask that would address these research questions.

  2. In your report, be sure to:

    a. Provide the plot(s) and numerical summary (or summaries).

    b. Describe what the plot shows.

    c. Explain why you chose to make that particular plot.

    d. Explain how the plot and numerical summary answers your statistical investigative question.

  3. Present your report to another member of the class who is not in your team.

    a. Make sure to include any relevant plots or numerical summaries that you use to make any conclusion in your analysis.

Note: You may use the scoring guide in Unit 1 to give you an idea of how to score the Practicum.