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Lesson 17: Exploring Trash Via RStudio

Lesson 17: Exploring Trash via RStudio


Students will continue to investigate landfills and perform analyses via RStudio.


  1. Computers

  2. RStudio

Essential Concepts:

Essential Concepts:

RStudio can be used to verify initial results/findings from data analysis done via the IDS Dashboard.


  1. Today students will continue their data analysis of the Trash campaign via RStudio.

  2. They should share their answers from the previous lesson’s homework assignment in their teams to help them get started with their code. After having shared their initial code, they should spend some time discussing other ideas

  3. The Recorder/Reporter should keep a list of the code that the team has agreed to use.

  4. By the end of class, students should begin writing their recommendations for reducing the burden on landfills.

  5. Inform students that each team will prepare their presentations during the next class period.

Class Scribes:

One team of students will give a brief talk to discuss what they think the 3 most important topics of the day were.

Next 2 Days

Students will finalize their recommendations for reducing the burden on landfills and have a draft of their letter to send to LACSD and prepare for their team presentations.